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Please consult the most common questions regarding fertility, as well as the process we manage

What is infertility?

It is the inability to conceive naturally after a year of frequent sexual relations without the use of a contraceptive method.

Which are the basic studies for an infertile couple?

Basic studies are very simple and are aimed at finding the cause the pregnancy has not been achieved and also will guide us towards the most suitable assisted reproduction treatment to achieve pregnancy in the shortest possible time and with the less emotional wear.

This evaluation is integral. Studies are made for the man and the woman.

What studies are carried out at the first consultation?

On our first appointment, we make a detailed assessment of the clinical history of the couple. Women studies consist of a vaginal ultrasound, which will allow us to evaluate the pelvic organs, mainly the uterus and ovaries, in the case of the ovaries; the study will allow us to meet the reserve of follicles which is directly related with fertility. On hormonal studies we make the ovarian profile (FSH, LH, Estradiol), which is the most important to evaluate the ovarian follicle, it is also important to make the thyroid profile and prolactin. To evaluate that fallopian tubes are permeable, it is necessary to conduct a study called Hysterosalpingography contrast. 

In man, the main study is the direct Seminogram, where we will be able to assess sperm concentration, mobility and the percentage of normal morphology, it is also important to perform a functional study that will allow us to know exactly the amount of sperm that are functional.